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Jan 28, 2012
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Hi there everyone 

I am looking to lighten my hair to a golden brown colour. This colour to be exact: 

However my hair is a very dark brown (practically black) and was wondering the best way 

to get my hair this shade of brown, because i know if i simply buy the colour and dye my hair 

it will only go a different shade of dark brown. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much! 


Color your hair at home with tea. ordinary regular drinkable black or chamomile tea can lighten dark hair when applied to the scalp and combed through  it also adds a gorgeous shine pour a warm  cup of tea on wet hair as a final rinse  then comb and style as usual.

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Is your hair dyed very dark brown? If so there are ways to remove some of the dark colour.

You will need to use a strong peroxide in order to lighten it enough to dye it the lighter color.


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