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Aug 25, 2006
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Sorry if this has been posted

I was on a downer when wanting to try some new samples of their eyeshadows! I really liked trying new colors aswell

I emailed them the other day but they have stopped doing samples of their eyeshadows yet still doing samples of their other mmu, so if you wanna try anything id suggest now incase they stop doing the others.

That's news to me... Pity! I like trying out different colours without having to buy full size jars....

Sorry to hear that. I don't purchase Lily Lolo because of it being an English brand and I don't care for doing international orders.

really ? that is a shame. go for fyrinnae instead,with the exchange rate i think they will cost less money. besides, i have ordered a full sized e/s from Lily Lolo and it's so full i can hardly get any e/s, i have to make more holes in the plastic thing.


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