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Feb 26, 2011
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From Lime Crime's Facebook wall.

  Lime Crime   Dear Unicorns,

Every chapter must come to an end. After 3.5 years, our shimmer loose eyeshadows, Magic Dusts, are being discontinued. In spite of being a highly versatile product, we can see why most of you prefer the more convenient Pressed Palettes, which we plan to focus on further this year. With many shades already running low, we expect the entire range to be gone within the next 2 months.

Pick up your favorites at 15% OFF with code EXTRAMAGIC while supplies last (does not apply to already-discounted Magic Dust Collection):

We understand some of you may have grown attached to certain shades. Please tell us in comments which shades you'd like to see RE-CREATED in a pressed formula!
Surprisingly these were not at IMATS for sale. Her three palettes, the nail polish, liners and lipsticks were but not th magic dust.


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