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Very Nice....Thanks for sharing...

Originally Posted by Diane

Curly Hair Solutions is a great site I stumbled onto recently. I relax my hair and style it straight, but my daughter's is curly and I was considering the CHS line for her. Actually they have some products for styling straight hair too. I love all their before & after pix--women, men and kids of all hair types from the extreme afro to the slightly frizzy. I like their philosophy and there are great tips all over the site.

Jessica has some really nice products for curly hair. I also like Curl.Life from Matrix, and CurlySexyHair from Sexy Hair Concepts. There are so many good products out there... I go to the IBS New York show each year which is jam packed with beauty and hair companies showcasing new products & selling things really cheap... so I've had LOTS of experience trying out new things! LOL