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Jul 7, 2004
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So here are the claims of Du Wop's Lip Venom:

"Lip Venom is a spicy, tingly gloss that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips by increasing circulation with a blend of essential oils including cinnamon and ginger. The result: shiny, bee-stung lips." (taken from

I kinda feel like it's a lot of hype, though I once did see a dramatic change in a girl with very sensitive skin (made her lips plump up like crazy!).

Here's a sample from me (first being "before", second being "after")

Maybe a tiny change? I do think that it enhances the natural lip color BUT... my theory is that since gloss is reflective, it acts as a highlighter (thus drawing the lips out and making them appear fuller). Any thoughts? Or does anyone have comparison before/after pics for other lip plumping products?<o =""></o>

Well, the Sephora e-newsletter read my mind! (Looks like DuWop came out with a Lip Venom Lite, lol!) Has anyone tried any of these products?

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="620"> <tbody><tr><td>

</td> <td valign="top">

NEW! LipFusion, $36. This ultra-shiny, hydrating formula is infused with dehydrated collagen molecules designed to deeply penetrate and naturally plump up the volume of your lips. </td> <td>
</td><td valign="top">

NEW! ONLY AT SEPHORA! Too Faced Lip Injection in Techno Kiss, $18.50. This shimmery cosmetic lip treatment gives instant gratification. Vitamin B and Capsium Chinese extract dilate blood vessels for a totally smoochable set of lips. </td> <td>
</td><td valign="top">

CITY Cosmetics CITY Lips, $29. This revolutionary lip enhancer uses oligopeptide technology and Celadrolâ„¢ as its key ingredients, helping to build collagen and reduce lines. </td><td>
</td> </tr> <tr><td colspan="9">
</td></tr> <tr> <td></td> <td valign="top">

NEW! Pout Plump, $24. With a waiting list miles long in the UK, this thick, glossy plumper creates immediate fullness and contains Maxi-lip for a future forecast of larger, firmer lips. </td> <td></td><td valign="top">

NEW! DuWop Lip Venom Lite, $15. For you sensitive types, a plumper packed with lip-swelling essential oils and intense shine—with just a pinch of spicy, cinnamon-infused bite. </td> <td></td><td valign="top">

TheBalm Lip Plumper Tinted Lip Gloss, $14.* Formulated with an extra bite of color, this refreshing blend boosts blood flow to your lips for immediate plumpification, and contains Maxi-lip to amplify your pout and help fill fine lines.</td></tr></tbody> </table>

I do see a difference but as you said it might just be because of the shine & highlighting the lips. My cousin bought me DuWop Lip Venom in Buttercup over Xmas but she hasn't given it to me yet, when she does i'll post pics!

Will do girlie! She was meant to call to my house last week but cancelled at the last minute. I was mad then coz i was so looking forward to getting my Lip Venom!!

I've tried Too Faced Fat Kiss and Lip Injection. Fat Kiss is like a milder version of lip venom in a rollerball container, and Lip Injection is a really thick gloss that makes your lips look fuller because it seems to really fill in every line, and it's super shiny and has a little bit of the same kind of lip venom tingle that seems to make lips a little redder.

Lip Injection is fairly new. I've only tried a sample of it so I don't know how it is long-term, but it was really thick and glossy, almost like MAC clear lipglass with a little bit of that tingly lip venom feeling. I found that it made more of a difference in appearance on my lips, though I don't really need any plumping action so I'm not sure I'd notice that - it just made them really smooth looking and pinker, and they felt plumper because of the texture of the gloss.

I'm not sooo fond of Lip Venom only because I don't see that it does very much other than make my lips pinker for a few minutes, until they get used to it. I like the cinnamon/menthol taste of it, but prefer Too Faced Fat Kiss if I want the Lip Venom taste and feel because I think it comes in a cuter applicator.

Between the two Too Faced glosses, I'll probably buy Lip Injection when I run out of Fat Kiss, because it gave a more noticable effect to me. I think with these kinds of plumping glosses you really need to try several of them out personally, because they all seem to work with varying degrees on different people.

I've been a longtime fan of plumpers! I bought one by a brand called "Naked Kiss" (I think that's the name!) and it was in a pot, thick gloss in diff. colors. It hurt my lips SOOO bad that sometimes I had to take it off. I bought it from a beauty store that sells hair stuff. Ow.. it hurt. That was like 10 years ago.

Then I started using Benefit's Lip Plump, which is a wax based/collagen based lip primer that's a concealer for the lips too. I've been using that from now on because there's no pain at all. It fills in the lines in the lips to create the fullness, some people see results, some don't. I like it for the texture and the way it helps my lipliner go on.

I haven't tried the DuWop yet, but my friend did and her lips looked so big and red. I dunno if that's what you want, but I think I might? LOL

Originally Posted by Laura I do see a difference but as you said it might just be because of the shine & highlighting the lips. My exact thoughts. BTW Joy, you've got beautiful lips & don't need plumpers.
Hmmm... that lip injection is tempting!! My lips are naturally on the fuller side (as is the rest of me ! lol
) but maybe this would make a little more oomph to what I have and maybe pink'en them up a bit more.
Originally Posted by keaLoha My exact thoughts. BTW Joy, you've got beautiful lips & don't need plumpers.
Aww, thanks Gail.

I'm actually content with my lips as they are. On jobs though, a lot of women express that they want their small lips to appear fuller. So I've been poking around, trying out plumping products to see what would be best for my kit.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone!

in my experience, lip venom just stings like hell. the only plumping i see is from irritation due to the cinnamon oil.

ive tried joey new yorks super duper lip kit, and while it was tasty and pleasant, it didnt do anything. it tastes and feels lick thick honey. youre supposed to rub it in for three minutes and tissue it off. after three minutes of stimulating circulation, the lips are bound to look a bit more plump.

my favorite out of the three ive tried is plump lips lip plumper by freeze. its a clear sticky gloss with a ton of peppermint oil. it doesnt hurt, and i swear i see a bit of a difference.

Originally Posted by Scarlette I'd rather just bite my lips and rub them a few times for free. =) PMSL