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Feb 5, 2004
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do you guys prefer lip gloss in a tube or one in a palette that comes in diff colors and a brush. For me, i like both, but I'm starting to like palettes more because you get more color choices for your money and its easier to carry in your small purse instead of carrying like 4 or 5 diff lip gloss colors. tell me what you guys think

I don't own many lip gloss palettes, but I do like having everything all in one place and sometimes the value is better. However there just isn't a great choice of palettes out there...well not compared to individual tube/wand glosses.

I prefer the lip glosses in a tube because I like to be able to take them along without having to worry about having a brush. I also don't like to use lip glosses in a pot where you have to use a brush or your finger. I'm too lazy to get the brush going.


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