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Mar 9, 2005
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hey im going to new york this weekend and i just needed to know some really good not too expensive lip plumpers, also some lip stain because i hate my red lips?

thank you


MAC lip erase can be found at a PRO store.

Two Faced Lip Injection is good.

Bare Escentuals also has Buxom lips...they're good.

Cinnamon is actually a very good and natural lip plumper. Try a dash of that in your lipgloss.

Originally Posted by Nox /img/forum/go_quote.gif Cinnamon is actually a very good and natural lip plumper. Try a dash of that in your lipgloss. Wow! I love cinnamon, I will give it a try. Do you mix it in the lipgloss or just pat some on?
Hi, Two things first off, be cautious when using cinammon anything, because you don't know what your tolerance is, try it a bit at a time. Generally, you mix it in with a bit of lipgloss and you should feel a slight tingling sensation, if it burns (which it may), take it off. Secondly, moisturize your lips, i find after using a lip plumper (i had a sample of lip venom), mine get super chapped

aaand, i went ahead and typed in "lip plumpers" in the search and i pulled up a few threads, it may give you better/faster answers than starting a new thread and waiting for people to respond

Do lip plumpers acctually work?

Too Faced Lip Injection

Do it with makeup



I loved the Too Faced Lip Injection. I got it on sale though when Gadzooks was going out of business. I don't think it's too pricey though. I really felt like it worked!

Cayenne pepper works wonders. It may take a minute to work, but be sure not to apply a lot. It's very strong! Apply a tiny bit.

There are a store and they have proffesional lip plumpers that work. Maxolip is good lip plumper and there are 3 or 4 colors available.


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