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May 6, 2004
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Today i'm wearing..

Chanel Aqualumiere in Ipanema Lipstick & my lips are lined with Rimmel Tiramisu Lipliner!

Oh that's such a pretty colour Scarlette.. Hmm, do i feel a lemming coming on!

Originally Posted by Scarlette Today I tried the new Lancome gloss, modeled by Drew Barrymore, the name slips my mind.. ugh. It's a peach color to DIE for.. I really love it. It's not a juicy tube, it's the other kind with the brush.</IMG> Wow! When did Drew become a spokesmodel for Lancome?
That's so cool! I love Drew!

Oh, today all I had on was Blistex Herbal Lip Balm b/c I only left the house to make a Safeway run.

I wore a knit hat & my glasses so nobody would recognize me! LOL

I had a craving for Amy's Mac & SoyCheez. I also picked up a bottle of Merlot that I can't drink b/c I forgot that I broke the wine bottle opener last week! LOL

Oh well. Guess DH will have to share his Drop Top Amber! LOL


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