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Jun 1, 2007
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Ok... Fess up... All you lipstick users... Do you over paint your lips? Just a little?? ... I do, but mainly because my upper lip is lopsided... kind of evening it out!! lol I buff and plump and still have to cheat a bit to get the look i want.....

And when I look at magazines and models i'd swear that a lot over paint their lips! Like this Nordstrom ad.... am I right or wrong?


hmm I dont. A makeup artist did on me once and it looked really weird. It looks good in the ad there, you can't tell unless you're looking for it.

I don' see anything wrong with it, but it looks odd on me so I don't do it

That's the difference between the vermillion border - the colored portion of the lip - and the contour border. Usu. the contour border is fuller than the vermillion border, and if you have delicate lips but only apply color/gloss to the vermillion border, you could be cheating yourself out of a fuller pout. All depends on personal style, though. I like to use a lip colored pencil at the contour border, fill in completely, add my gloss or lipstick, and then use a pale shimmery fleshy peach/pink pencil right outside the lipliner at the cupid's bow and on the phlitrum. Makes my lips look fuller and younger, but is very subtle. Not pam anderson lips by a long shot. (not that there's not a great look there, but it just isn't me - not that dramatic, here.)

I rarely wear lipliner, but I am not a cheater. Its obvious when people do it and it never looks natural.

I've got a serious case of "bow-and-arrow" lips. My top lip curls under a bit when I smile, so sometimes if I go out at night I slightly overdraw the top lip. Just enough to get away with it

And all this time I thought I was the only one with odd lipps.. Lol. I've tried lip liners but I always end up looping like a clown.. And since one side of my upper lip is considerable shorter than the other I had to "enhance" it with a little bit extra...

i just now started wearing lipstick and im so scared! i just turned 20 and im trying nude stuff right now but i feel over done even with the smallest bit.

Hi Karren, I use lip liner. My lower lip is not evenly shaped so I have to balance it out. I use Merle Norman lip pencils with the lip color on one end and the liner on the other. That way I don't have to worry about matching the liner with the lipstick. Gives me a nice pout.

I cheat, i bring my top lip a bit more left than it is.
Matte lipsticks are better if you're gonna do this.


No cheating for me. My lips are even. In the ad, I see the bottom lip slightly overdrawn. It's so minimal, you can barely see it.

I've done it sometimes, but not a whole lot.

I did see it done in a local ad for a jeweler. The model's lips were pretty thin, but it was obvious from the photo that the artist drew the lip line OUTSIDE of the lips with a dark liner and then filled everything else with a super light lip color.

I wish I had kept the business card to show just how OBVIOUS the line was...



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