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I'm just beginning to gt confident with Liquid liner myself but I've discovered dotting it on and then sweeping it into a line with a brush is the best way for me. It controls how much you put on and you don't acidentally end up brushing it into your eye with that teeny little brush.

Do you mean along the waterline, or the lower lashline? I didn't think liquid liner was safe for the waterline...

I wouldn't use liquid on the inner eye.. I use pencil liner to line my inner rims then use liquid liner along my top lashline

Blah reading it quickley never helps...Inner eye waterline i'd recommend pencil all the way! Even if it means retouching every so often. Especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Yeah-always use a pencil on the inner eye--liquid can never go on right and if you get it in your eye-it stings so bad!!!!