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Oct 12, 2012
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I have tried to apply liquid eyeliner over eyeshadow a few times now with a couple different eyeliners. Basically, I wanted to do a peachy eyeshadow with black cat-eye eyeliner. So I have tried with two different felt pen type eyeliners, one was by Eyeko and one was a Hard Candy one that I swear I have used before to do this exact same look. I tried it both with and without eyelid primer since that was the only thing I could think of that I had done differently. Each time the eyeliner will not make a dark line. It acts like a marker that is drying up, but when I test it on my fingertip or the back of my hand it is fine. So it seems like the issue could be that I am applying it over eyeshadow, but that seems odd since that is how I usually see liquid eyeliner applied.

I know can get the same look with a gel liner and a brush, but I have these two liquid eyeliners and I would like to use them, plus they would be easier to do on the go.

Any tips or advice? Anybody else had this issue?

There are a few possibilities if you are having problem. The eyeshadow may be too dusty and so it is making "mud" on your liner brush. The liner could be drying out. Have you tried it with different brands and colors of shadows to see if it is a particular formula problem?

If I want to use liquid that is giving me problems, I generally put it on my eye before the shadow for the base color and then touch it up after the shadow to make it darker.

I have exactly the same issue & there isn't any way to completely resolve the issue that I've found. The only felt tip type liner that I've tried which works somewhat better when doing this is L'oreal's Voluminous Eyeliner. The reason it works somewhat better is because it's got a tip made out of the same material that a sharpie, or permanent marker, is. It's not a flexible brush. It seems to not pick up as much crap on its tip because of that. The shape of it also allows me to get either a thin line held at one angle or a thicker line if I turn it 90 degrees. It's easy to lay down a first line in one stroke, let it dry a couple of seconds & then lay down another line directly on top of it to build color intensity til I'm satisfied. It doesn't bleed at all either, like so many other felt tipped liners, which is great, and it's jet black. Not a washed out black. It's a bit pricey for a drugstore product - about $10 - but it's the only one that I'm fairly happy with for this purpose. You could pick up a couple for a bit cheaper if you get them during a L'oreal buy one get one 50% off, which I see quite often in the US. Another way is, as you said, to use a gel liner or something similar. Or better yet, just get one of those 'liquid pencils', of which there are many around now. Drugstore brands & otherwise. It's not the same as using a flexible felt tip, but the formula of those are incredibly smooth & pigmented. So they literally *do* slide on like a liquid product, but with far more control. I find them extremely easy to wing out in just one stroke, even though pencil eyeliners are probably my least-loved type of liners. And because they take a minute or so to completely set, they give you enough time to smudge them out or lay down some eyeshadow overtop to intensify or soften the look. Unfortunately, until cosmetics companies start paying attention to issues like these instead of just pumping out a continuous stream of crap-mediocre products, this is going to continue to be a big pain in the arse. L'oreal's Voluminous Eyeliner seems like the best option at the moment.

The trick is to reapply the liner a couple of times to get that rich black appearance, as eyeshadows absorb liquids. And since eyeshadows are meant to intensify when wet, you need to layer your liner so it will be more vibrant than the shadow colour. Also you can layer your liner with a vibrant deep black eyeshadow. What confuses me, is that you don't need to layer most liquid liners, as they are quite intense already. Perhaps a bad batch or a cheaper brand is not up to par. I use cake liners to avoid this issue altogether.

Thank you for the tips, everyone ^_^ /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I think I will try applying the eyeliner first, then the shadow and touching up. I really want to use these two liners since I have them and from what I have heard the Eyeko is supposed to be quite good.

I've got several Eyeko liners and think they're pretty great in terms of use and pigment. Several ladies in another thread did comment theirs were drying after a few months. I store mine with the tip down and haven't had any issues. I do sometimes re apply after letting the initial application dry or take a cream shadow and layer it on top. That works for the olive and purple shades I own, I find the turquoise is bright enough alone.

I use Lorac's liquid eyeliner and it's just amazing! It works just fine over any eyeshadow and it's super pigmented :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I do want to try the Eyeko liners though :3


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