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Dec 3, 2011
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Has anyone tried this new service yet? You take a personalized quiz and it sorts a "bag" for you with various products. I know it costs $49.95...not sure if it's monthly or quarterly. It's like hautelook where you can earn credits from having people sign up I think

This is my link if anyone wants to follow it to sign up (I'd appreciate it):

Referral link deleted per terms of service.

I'll post more once my products get sorted for me and I know how good of a value it is 

I did. I got a pair of betsey johnson sunglasses, some "glovettes", and a pair of betsey johnson earrings. When my stuff arrived it was dusty and looked like the things they couldn't sell at TJ Maxx. I wasn't impressed and canceled immediately. All of the stuff was outdated.

Oh, and its monthly.

This is my second month. Love it! My new bag is on it's way. I got the Steve Madden Owl cuff! Last month I got an amazing Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet. I'm so addicted to trading. I have a full review of my first bag on my blog, if you're interested in the other items that were in my bag last month. I have five items this month! Looking forward to it.


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