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Nov 29, 2004
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I get those tiny little bumps on the backs of my arms. I have heard conflicting info on what to do...some say scrub then, but then I've also heard that that's really bad. What do y'all do to get rid of these?

I use a loofah or I scrub really hard. And, I use a lot of lotion afterwards. I heard that it is really bad to scrub hard but my boyfriend touches them more than people look at them, so I want them to be smooth and not bumpy. What I am wondering is WHY people get those bumps on their arms? My brother sadly has them badly ALL over his skin.

welcome to the keratosis pilaris club.

the happy news that that its purely cosmetic. the unhappy news is that i rarely goes away on its own.

my GP an derm have both told me not to scrub or pick at it. this irritates and inflames the pore. i have had immediate and wonderful results with a prescription for lac-hydrin cream. i hear that its available over the counter in canada. basically, its a super strong alpha hydroxy acid cream. you can use regular AHA cream, but since the concentration isnt as strong, the results arent as good. it cleared up the bumps in 3 days, but the old red spots remained.

i stopped using it after a while because it stinks to high heaven, and it has to be applied 2 times a day pretty much forever for it to work. ive had KP since i can remember, and so do my family members. its hereditary. its starting to spread to my forearms and lower legs, soim not too happy about that.

i do find that the more i pick at it to try to unplug the follicles, the more it scars and worsens.

Yeah, my brother was given a medicated cream from a doctor. He couldn't use it after showers because supposedly it burned. And, I used it some, it was okay but it did smell really bad. And, it also had to be applied 2 times a day. I am so forgetful.


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