Looking for a black glitter eye pencil....

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Mar 19, 2007
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Please recommend one that is dark, sparkly and preferrably under $10, but I will take all suggestions.
when i want a black sparkly eyeliner, i just use a black eyeliner than layer on a sparkly eye shadow on it

Victoria's Secret Sparkling Eyeliner in Blacklight

It's nice, and it looks good
It's $12... so not under $10 sorry.

If you could find a good Nightsky MAC eyepencil on ebay, you might find one for under $10 and that's better than Blacklight IMO.

Bari Cosmetics (Love My Eyes) at Walmart has a black glitter liner for super cheap. I think it's $1 - $2.

My friend got me a Black Glitter Pencil from Ulta... It's very nice and glittery! Silver glitters everywhere! Too much for me to use at work. I'm sure it was only a few bucks too.

Makeupforever has a nice black liner with glitter. Its glides on easily and stays put all day.