Looking for a good Lip & Cheek stain

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Have you tried Benetint? I personally didn't care for it but my sister loves it! Originally Posted by Miss_Honeywell Anyone have any recs?
Wow! I didn't relize there were so many to choose from! Thanks Allisong for the link
I like the look of the Tart ones I'm thinking tickled peach and maybe the Lancome Color Doses, I've tried one of the pink ones on my lips before & it was bright, yet pretty

L'Oreal has one that's been discontinued - but I've got a bottle if you'd like to try it. (I don't use it - and I'm looking for a good home.)

It's called Pinch of Colour, in Blushing. It's like BeneFit's BeneTint, only made by L'Oreal.

They also had Translucide Blushing Gel, which was an excellent product!

Mark also has one, that was mentioned.



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