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Feb 26, 2006
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I started Dan Kern's regimen 2 weeks ago and my acne got much better, I'm so happy about that, I was worried I would go back to school with the same pizza face. The regimen uses a lot of benzoyl peroxide so my face is drying out a bit, I'm using Aloe Vera gelly to keep it moisturized, but it seems to be drying out my skin even more so I'm going to have to find a better moisturizer. I'm thinking one by Eucerine, I heard the Cetaphil one is too oily. So yeah, enough with that. I'm trying to find a drugstore foundation to cover up acne and doesn't make my face look flaky, reduces redness, hides scaring and doesn't make me break out. (Colored flakes = eww)

If you don't have sensitive skin try L'oreal true match, it's has very good coverage.

Revlon Colorstay is my HG.

If you have acne/sensitive skin I would try Neutrogena or Almay. Neutrogena would probably be your best bet though as it's pretty gentle. Good luck

Revlon Colorstay is probably the best drugstore foundation available imo. But it can potentially show flakies.

If you really want to avoid flakies, Almay foundations for dry skin work really well.

okay thanks everyone, I just bought Colorstay (it was on rebate at Riteaid so it was only $3 woot!) Hope it doesn't break me out.

i say if your just wanting foundation to cover up zits, just go with a concealer.

less makeup stuff on your face, the better i realized when it comes to zits.

I agree colorstay is great...but i recently tried out Almay's line smoothing and it is AWESOME! it really doesn't wear off! love it!


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