looking for this lip color

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Aug 17, 2006
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can some one recomend some brands and color names

or if you know whose blog this was taken from maybe they might have put what they used pleas help thanks

Edit: Removed link, embedded photo

The picture reminds me of OCC's liptars. It seems like it could be Grandma, Trollop, Divine,...or it could be a mixture, too. I think Trollop is the closest one to your picture. Good luck!

Maybe try Maybelline's Fruit Punch or Coral Pink? Also try Makeup Forever lipstick in #37..as far as OCC Lip Tars, Trollop looks pretty spot on, IMO..or possibly Divine?

Originally Posted by hazel06 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

It looks similar to Queen Lip Tar from OCC. Keep in mind that where a product is taken - indoors vs outdoors - along with light conditions do change the colors of products. The pic above look like it was taken indoors with flash on.

Queen via Beauty Fulfilled
Trollop via Vampy Varnish

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