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Dec 20, 2004
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So you're feeling kinda
sexy and kinda flirty, and you want to dress that way. But you don't want to look like you're trying too hard, and you definitely don't want an outfit that says "I'm here for the taking." Look for pieces with flirtatious elements, advises Tracy Wilkinson, designer for Mon Petit Oiseau. "Go for details like a draped neckline or pretty ruffles," she says. "Elements like fabric and cut will gently allude to your sexuality." Consider these looks that are sexy yet casual, comfy and feminine.

Wear a long-sleeved tee with one special detail.

We love this tee from Mon Petit Oiseau ($110). Its scoop neck with keyhole detail is both whimsical and flirtatious, and the soft cotton fabric contains just enough Lycra to show your body's shape. Worn alone or with an easy scarf (shown here), or layered over another tee, it's the epitome of how we see sexy. Comes in pink with navy piping. Available at monpetitoiseau.com.

Try a flowing chiffon skirt.

A floaty, airy chiffon skirt designed to graze your curves, not hug them, is incredibly alluring. Soft layers of sheer chiffon will sweep over your hips and thighs in a most womanly way. Wear the skirt with a pair of funky ol' cowboy or Frye boots to keep the look from being too fussy.

Team a camisole with a comfy oversized sweater.

Any kind of camisole ‑- lace or satin or cotton ‑- worn under a soft old sweater is unassumingly sexy. Our favorite camisoles have a "princess seam" ‑- that's the seam line that travels down from the shoulder over the bust and form-fits the waist. Wear this with a drapey bias-cut skirt.

Invest in a great-fitting bra.

We believe wearing pretty lingerie allows you to feel special in a personal way that'll speak volumes, albeit discreetly. How sexy is that! But it's important that the bra fits perfectly ‑- that it supports and shapes your breasts well. Take the time to get fitted at a specialty store. You won't regret it. As for choosing a sexy bra, the detail is in the fabric and trimming. Satiny fabrics look best under outer apparel, because nothing will snag over them (as opposed to lacy bras, for example, which show through knits). If you think your bra might peek through your blouse, find one with a pretty trim.


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