Loose Mineral Sifter Problems

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Sep 27, 2011
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We've all experienced this, I'm sure. You open the jar only to find that nearly half the contents of your jar has spilled all over your lap! I've tried leaving the clear protecter over the sifter and poking only a few holes out for a lighter flow of product, but it just doesn't work for long! Any tips? I refuse to buy loose minerals again until I figure this out! 

I usually keep and open my mmu upside down. I store in a place where it doesn't accidentally get moved. I've not had a problem with it spilling out. The cap catches the powder and I use what is on the lid til it is gone then I give it a shake so more fall into the lid.

I actually took it on my last trip back east. It was in me carry on. I was referring to keeping it in your purse kinda moving around.

My mineral makeup has a closable sifter. It has a small plastic handle which rotates the product open and closed, it is supposed to stop spillage, but even this doesnt work properly.

I tap the tops to my jars before opening my jars. I find this helps in keeping down the powder explosions.

I agree, I don't wear loose usually because of that issue...however i have heard from friends that this happened to, that a good trick once it happens is to place a piece of tape (they used masking tape) over the sifter holes and punch your own holes with a small needle or paperclip and not directly over the existing holes creating difficulty in shaking it out.  You might have to work at it a little more but at least you don't end up with a mess in your lap and have to recreate your outfit all over again because your clothes are dirty!   :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />  hope it helps!


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