Loose powders and oily skin...do they mix?

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May 31, 2005
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i have combination to oily skin and i usually have to blot periodically throughout the day

i am currently thinking of buying loose powder, but will it clump or look fake on oily skin?

i already put on concealer and foundation, is it nessasary to have loose powder on?

and if so, what brands do u reccomend of loose powders for my skin type?

I have very oily skin and I've found that loose powder is actually better than pressed. It goes on more evenly and doesn't have the added ingredients necessary for pressing. I wear loose powder even though I also wear foundation and concealer. I think it helps a lot.

As far as a recommendation is concerned, I love Clinique Blended Face Powder. I've tried many others but I keep coming back to it. It comes with a travel size brush that I've never found any use for. I apply with my big powder brush.

Loose powder is best for oily skin, because pressed powders are pressed into the compact using oils! Loose powders are oil-free and often noncomedogenic (won't clog pores) -- my dermatologist won't let me use pressed powders!

I also wear powder with foundation and concealor. One of the main purposes of a powder, in addition to preventing shine, is to set your mu so it will last all day. In fact, the only way I can prevent my e/s from creasing and to make my eyeliner last is to use a loose powder under my eye mu!

Anyways, I've tried several brands -- Prescriptives and L'Oreal Hydra Perfect were ok but not miracle products. I tried Clinique's Blended Face Powder and didn't like it; to me it seemed oilier than most loose powders and was harder to blend with a brush than the others I've tried (ironic since it came with a brush). Normally I find it best to use a brush rather than a puff -- it's hard for me to get an even application with a puff and it's easier to accidently get too much with a puff, imo.

However the best product by far (for me) is CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder. With all the other powders, my face would get shiny only 2-3 hours after I washed it; with the CG powder it's perfectly matte after 3 hours and only slightly shiny at the end of the day with no touch-ups! Plus it's only $5!

Originally Posted by nydoll23 you should try be mineral vale,but do you want color? as long as it makes the makeup stay on longer, i am happy


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