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Jan 20, 2004
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Is loose powder any better for setting foundation and concealer? or is it strictly a matter of preference? Just trying to figure out the differences between the two

I prefer loose powder for setting liquid foundation because the loose powders seem to be more fine milled and seem to set the foundation well. I don't even own a pressed powder. I only own a foundation powder and use it by itself or for touch ups during the day because most of the time I'm lazy and don't do the liquid foundation plus loose powder. I just wear my Chanel double perfection powder makeup because it's quick and easy to use and gives a nice coverage.

I find loose powder works better for my skin in the summer when it tends to get oilier, and pressed works better in the winter when it is drier. Once again, matter of preference.

interesting. I thought I had heard that pressed powder was better for oilier skin. Guess I'll have to experiment some more!

Hi, I quite like loose powder for setting my makeup, but pressed powder is nice and compact for my make up bag to blot on my t-zone. I quite like pressed powder for setting my lipstick,and then i reapply the lipstick on top of the powder for extra staying power.

Originally Posted by alittleweirdo interesting. I thought I had heard that pressed powder was better for oilier skin. Guess I'll have to experiment some more! Yeah, I had always read that too.... which I guess makes me an oddball lol...but it really does work the opposite for me...loose powders just seem to accentuate dry spots more on me. Hmmm whatever's clever
alw, its preferance and also you u should take you skin into


generally, if you have oily skin, u'd be better off w/ loose pwd

dry skin, i think can go both ways.

i've heard that both pwds are mainly the same, but pressed pwd

is best for traveling

Loose powder, because i don't like the way pressed power look on my face

Hello all-

I used to use just loose powder, but I could never find a pressed powder that matched my skintone so I was super oily.Now I have the perfect pressed powder and I don't think I would use a loose again...

I use loose powder at home (for initial application). I keep pressed powder in my handbag. I actually prefer loose powder to pressed powder, though.


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