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Jan 25, 2005
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my mom used this on my hair, I picked a blondish color.. and it turned my hair orangish and red.. ?? i dont think it looks that bad but wheres the blond?? I also dyed my friends hair with the same product and we got simlar color.. odd.

Did you have other color on your hair? Color doesn't lift color that well, most browns will pull up to be a red orange color. If you are wanting to go an all over blonde (reguardless of the level or shade) I would go to a professional. If you had color on your hair a professional would have to strip the old color out then apply the new color. I am sure that you did have color on your hair due to the ends being so much darker then the roots on our picture. Your roots will process faster due to the body heat from you scalp and because that hair is healthy. If you are wanting to fix this I would either have to go back darker or go to a professional to have it lifted then toned.

Agree with SmartStyle... I remember when you dyed your hair darker, so I'm sure that color is still in your hair. It's near impossible for a brunette to go blonde with an at home color. You need to totally bleach out all the color, and the peroxide that comes in home kits isn't going to cut it. No matter how blonde the dye is, if your hair is dark - it has to pass through the red/orange stage before it will lighten to blonde. If you want blonde, I would go to the salon and have it either stripped or a full head highlight, or just have them put in a caramel or terracotta to darken it up a bit...

Yeah I used to use these all the time. I worked a L'oreal promotion once and was sent home with literally 20 boxes of hair color! I have naturally golden/dark blonde hair and even trying to go a little blonder ended up bringing out teh red undertones in my hair. You definately need a pro to change your color!

If you're looking for a cheap way to repair your hair, I used to be a hair model for a couple different salons. They had trained stylists who were just being trained in a certain technique practice on our hair. I generally got amazing results and it was free (well I always tipped, but $10 for highlights is a great deal!)


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