L'Oreal Infallable 24-Hour eyeshadows

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Mar 28, 2010
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Ohhh my lord. Where to begin with these. I just picked up a few and they are so gorgeous!! So pigmented, and I love the consistency...Kind of a hybrid of a powder, cream and satin finish. 

I want to play with them more but I have to go to work in 15 minutes so I'll have to wait until afterward, but Infinite Sky and Eternal Black are my favorites so far. 

Which do you have? Can you swatch? I will try to do that later!             

- Sarah

Ps. I also got one of the Revlon Lip Butter lipsticks in Berry Smoothie. Loving it. 

Have 5 myself. Don't have them in front of me so I don't know the exact names. First was a sky blue and loved it so much I bought 4 more the same day: a pearl colored one, a goldish sand, an amber glaze and the dark purple. They go on sooooooo silky smooth and yes.... they last with no creasing. I hope they make more colors soon. I think next two I'll get will be grey and sage!!

Def a must have shadow for the makeup lovers!!!

Sounds like drugstore brands have become pretty darn good with the latest round of products.

I have the perpetual purple and the Iced Latte. LOVE THEM! I need to go get the amber one. they do glide on nicely.

I agree.... Many drug store brands (especially L'Oreal and Maybelline) are going above and beyond what the high end store's makeup counter has. And the sales on them are fabulous. I did get two more today: the sage green and the sparkling black. The black is nice to blend over the lighter shades for a deeper, smokey look.

I got them at Rite Aid. They were BOGO half price. I had two coupons so I got them both for less than $10. I also got some great Wet n Wild lipglosses for 75% off. Final cost 49 cents. Got three of those. One in an iced latte shade, one in an amber glaze shade and one on a frosty red. Can't go wrong at that price!!

Originally Posted by SassyAuburn /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Can't go Wong at that price!!
LOL Don't you just hate cellphone spell checkers?

But those WnW items that are 75% off are clearanced out because new merchandise for 2012 is coming. Remember those displays I posted a few weeks ago? Those items will be taking those items (that were clearanced) spots. At my local Walgreens they already changed the display to the new products (the Amped Up, the bronzers I posted and some of the nail polishes).

I think I'm going to go get as many of these as I can because I just loveeee them. I can't wait to have an excuse to do an intense black smokey look.

Originally Posted by zadidoll /img/forum/go_quote.gif

LOL Don't you just hate cellphone spell checkers?
Oh that's terrible. I have to go edit that. Love the iPhone, hate the keyboard.

Yeah, that's right, I remember about the WnW stuff coming out. A few new things were there, and of course they weren't on sale. I love the glosses that were though. Uber thick and really stays on. For 49 cents?  Even if I only liked them a little that's reason enough to pay a buck fifty for three!!

I wrote to L'Oreal tonight raving about their new eye shadows. I told them they need to get some jazzy new colors for spring. Hopefully they'll listen!!!

I have also bought a couple of those eyeshadows and absolutely love them but it seems that the shadows available here in Europe are different, the ones I have have are named "sahara treasure" and "bronze divine" and I cannot find those in any swatch/haul post.....

Anyway I will for sure buy some more but I will wait for a trip to the USA since the price there is about half!

I actually had the opposite issue!  I just ordered some on ulta and wanted to see some swatches before picking what I was ordering and I kept finding the Euro ones.  And I think I like your guys' selection of colors better!  I really thought that Sahara Treasure looked beautiful.

I just picked up Eternal Black and Smoldering Plum and I really like them!!! The colors are amazing and they really stay put! I swatched a couple of them on my hand and once they set, they  wouldn't budge.

I am in Macau (somewhere near Hong Kong), they have many colors that you don't find in the US: Coral, pink (this is the summer limited edition in the US), silver and black with blue shimmer named Cosmo Black.

I got my hands on the coral one but I am still debating if I should get the rest. Maybe at least the silver one because I have too many pink eyeshadows

I have been seriously planning on getting some of these. They look awesome and I've heard that they're waterproof. I'd love to have a good water resistant eyeshadow. The colors I've seen look so pretty, too. I'd love to see your swatches, SarahJean!

I got these last week in Bronze Taupe and Golden Sage. Both are super gorgeous colors but I thought in terms of everyday wearability they were just eh. I did go out two nights ago with BT and another color in the Maybelline Eye Tattoo collection, and thought they held up pretty well considering I got hella sweaty + oily + cried at some points (haha...). I can swatch both colors if anyone was interested in those two (one's a golden bronze-y color, and the other is a green with gold sparks if I remember correctly)

I have a ton of these. The bronze is gorgeous!! I used Iced Latte everyday in some fashion, the purple is my least favorite and still pretty, I also have the navy and it's beautiful. Golden sage is a great all over color. I also have the matte white which is a really useful shadow to own. I REALLY want the new pink one that's come out. I can't remember their names.

I got two last week & they're really nice. I kept hearing how great they were but I've been disappointed by a lot of drugstore products that have huge raves online so I always hesitated.

i have the first 12 that they came out with.. i don't have any of the new summer edition ones yet.. i love all of it though


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