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Dec 27, 2011
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Picked up a promo at the grocery store last night but I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else tried it?

I've used it and I hate it. It feels like soywax to me. It made my foundation cakey, it was all around bad for my skin.

Ack! That stinks. :/

I'm not one to use foundation on a regular basis so I was going to save the sample for when I do use it (special occasions) but maybe I better test it out first.

I haven't tried this but I did get a sample of their new radiant primer I think is what it's called. It was HORRIBLE!!!!! If looking shiny and greasy is the new "radiant" then it's perfect but it made me sooo greasy and my skin just felt like I used olive oil to prime my skin!

I tried this today, figured I'd give it a shot.

I love the way it make my skin feel to the touch but other than that, I'm not noticing much difference. 


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