Losing the war for the nutritional health of our children

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Oct 6, 2003
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Mothers..most of us agree that as women we are very conscious of our external image. So are our children and yet obesity (and diabetes as a result) is one of the fastest growing diseases that our children face. Why you ask. The answer is simple but the solution not so easy. We are in the midst of a war-- a war for the nutritional health of our children. It is a war we should be waging by teaching our children how to eat right and by making sure that they do it. Unfortuately we have been fighting a losing battle for a long time and the results are getting catastrophic. We have been "too busy" to make sure our children eat the way they should. We don't completely understand what "eating right" means ourselves. And we battling some pretty formidable "enemies" like the soft drink and fast food companies. There is a weapon you can use to fight back..it is called the Childrens Research Foundation. Dedicated to improving the state of children's health and nutrition around the world. You can enroll you child (ages 6-15) into this program for free. You as a parent must agree to participate along with your child but we will sponsor your child for free if you agree to participate. Give us a call or email to learn more about this program... You can see the results to date at http://www.childrensresearch.org or contact us at http://www.totallyfood.com

Just to a note on this study that is very important. This is a study that includes children worldwide and currently has 30,000+ children participating for free. This is a program that will give your children a whole food nutritional product as part of their daily dietary routine.

I am not sure what year you were in school or what the food program was for your school. Today the dietary offerings in our schools is very poor in terms of the nutritional value. Many schools have multiple soda and junk food vending machines. Many schools have a fast food chain and in some cases 2-3 right inside the school. Those schools that do provide cooked meals have offerings that are easy for the cafeteria staff to prepare in mass, sometimes in advance. These are foods usually high in fat and sugar contents and in most all cases very high in preservatives. I do not know where your kids attend school but you are still in charge of seeing that they get a balanced diet that includes fresh raw fruits and vegetables. We as adults and parents have no one to blame for the sharply rising cases of adolescent obesity, early onset diabetes, hardening of the arteries and other "preventable" diseases. Look at the results of the Childrens Research Study and judge for yourself if you should be concerned about what your children eat and their health.

Originally Posted by mamato3cutekids

i remember back in elementary school trying a bunch of healthy foods to add to the school food menu,so hopefully things improve for when my kids go to school!

Yeah Waaaaaaaaaaaay back when LOL

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