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Jun 13, 2004
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The larger the makeup brush the softer the effect, professional applications are a breeze with discount airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes

Makeup brushes or cosmetic brushes are a necessity in the application of blush or powder. Make up professionals have stated that a good makeup brush is a beauty secret and is akin to what a good set of knives are to a chef. The biggest makeup hazard is caused by a bad makeup brush. For airbrush makeup you can buy soft, natural-bristle brushes for your cosmetic brushes, at discount prices. If (well cared for) your makeup brushes should last a life time.

For professional applications the right solution is the use of products such as makeup brushes. Airbrush makeup gives your face a lift and the use of cosmetic brushes can highlight your best features. Makeup brushes help your makeup go on more easily and look a lot better. Make up artists provide tips to suggest that the best brushes are made of natural bristle, with wooden handles. The handle should sit well in your hand so that you can get a great grip. Make up applicators use a blush brush, a powder brush, an eye shadow brush and finally a lip brush.

Discount brushes are the facial solution for creating a natural, anti aging, fabulous look. Care and treatment of any brush product should include soaking your makeup brushes, airbrush makeup and cosmetic brushes in a mix of hot water and antibacterial soap for a half hour. Leave them out to air-dry and use tissues regularly to wipe off your brushes. The secret is if the bristles stray off in different directions after prolonged use, simply cut them back.

Natural bristle made from sable, goat, or squirrel is the best solution for makeup brushes. For airbrush makeup they are great because the hairs have cuticles that grab the powder or blush and allow it to go on more evenly. Supply your skin with products for your professional make up application at discount prices.

Basic tools in your MAKEUP BOX


Even the greatest of makeup in the world won't look great without the correct makeup tools. For a professional finish you need the right tools. This means investing in a set of good brushes and applicators. Here's your basic cosmetic tool kit.
1. Makeup Sponge

Have a wedge-shaped one, so you can use the finer edges to help blend in foundation round your nose and jaw line, while the flatter edges are great for the cheeks, forehead and chin. However, if you prefer not to use a synthetic sponge try the small, natural ones instead.

2. Powder Brush

Get used to using a powder brush each time you put makeup on. To prevent a caked or clogged finish to your face powder, use a large, soft brush to dust away any excess.

3. Blusher Brush

Use to add a pretty glow to your skin with a light dusting of powder blusher. A blusher brush is slightly smaller than a powder brush to make it easier to control.

4. Eyeshadow Brush

Smooth on any shade of eyeshadow with this brush.

5. Eyeshadow Sponge

An sponge applicator is great for applying a sweep of pale eyeshadow that doesn't need much blending or applying high lighter to your brow bones.

6. All-in-one eyelash brush/comb

Great for combing through your lashes between coats of mascara for a clump-free finish. Flip the comb over and use the brush side to seep your eyebrows into shape, or soften penciled-in brows.

7. Lip brush

Use to create a perfect outline for your lips and then use to fill in the shape with your lipstick.

8. Eyebrow Tweezers

It is essential to have a good pair of tweezers for regularly tidying up the eyebrows.

9. Eyelash curlers

Once used, they'll soon become a beauty essential! Curlier eyelashes make a huge difference to the way your lashes look and help open up the eyes.

Make up for Dark Complexion

If you have a dark skin stick to warm, earthy colors. Gold, bronze and maroon are in fact best for dusky skins. Cooler colors like mauve, pink and silver look better on fairer skins.

Choose lipsticks with matte finish rather than frosted ones. The shades should not be too dark or too light. Medium dull shades would look best. Bright pinks or reds are an absolutely NO! If you have dark lips, before applying lipstick, put some foundation and powder on your lips.

Your blusher too should not be pinkish. Peachish blushers work best on dusky complexion. A gold eyeshadow would be complimentary where as a silver one may not look good.

Makeup for office or morning - Subtle & Subdued

Prepare your face for receiving makeup by first cleaning it with cleansing milk. Apply toner to remove the left over cleanser and to shrink your pores. Massage some moisturizer before you start with makeup.

Foundation may be avoided, but if you do not have a smooth complexion, you may wear it by adding some water or toner to the foundation to make it translucent. Use very little of foundation. Now pat some powder and highlight your cheeks with very little color on the apple of your cheeks with a powder blusher. Cream blusher may give a worn out look by the evening.

For your eye makeup, use a liquid eye liner to define the eyes. Apply a single coat of mascara to finish.

Finally and blot with a tissue paper for a more natural look.

Makeup for Parties

1. Prepare your face for by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

2. Select a matching shade of foundation. Apply a darker shade on the broader parts of your face which you want to recede.

3. Apply powder and then blush your cheeks, adding color gradually. Use some blusher on the sides of the forehead and chin also.

4. Use an eye shadow kit with a highlighter. Apply some highlighter on the space beneath the brows. Apply the medium color on the upper eye lid only. Sweep the darkest shade on the crease, between the two shades and blend well.

5. Put a little dark eye shadow also beneath the eyes, touching the lower lash line, with a thin brush. Start from the outer corner and extend it just a little, may be till the middle. See what suits you. This adds more color to your eyes.

6. Define your eyes with eye liner. Sweep two coats of mascara. Apply a final coat of colored mascara if you wish.

7. Apply lipstick. Blot with tissue and then reapply for a glamorous look

Blush makeup warms with the heat of the body to an intense hue, use cosmetic facial blush powders sparingly while applying makeup for a healthy look

The magic of blush powders is obvious. Blush makeup is fast-fix beauty, it warms up the skin, contours the cheek, exaggerates an attractive hollow, and ideally creates a glow on your face that looks like it comes from within. Never judge a blush powder just by looking at it. Cosmetics and face blushes are found in different shades and textures. Test your blush powder on the inside of your forearm if you are wearing make up already.

You need to make two tests to find the right blush powder or cream blush that will be the right color. First, the right color will look natural and the wrong one will stand out. The second test is the intensity of the color. If you are fair, you want just a hint of color, the more translucent the better. If you are strong in coloring, with olive or dark skin, you need greater depth and intensity with blush powder to bring out your good looks.

As you get older your skin needs more creams to retain it's natural oils and cream blush can really help you prevent looking washed out. Tips for facial beauty include, use a good brush applicator, grin like a fool, brush your blush powders lightly over the apple of the cheek, with short, up and down movements and finally you can apply a light stroke across your forehead by your hair line. Supply your skin with discount cosmetic facial blushes for a rich creamy cheek color.

Blusher Tricks


The bottomline for the right blusher application is that it should look natural.

. Place your index and middle finger vertically against the side of your nose. Start putting the blusher from near the edge of the outer finger, going up to the temple.

. If you have broad face (square/round) apply the blusher on your cheekbones and do not brush it up towards your ears.

. Dab blusher (just a bit) on each earlobe. It can add a glow to your face if you pull your hair back or have short hair (such that the earlobes show).

. Don't forget to add a touch of the blusher on your chin and forehead to help give the natural look.


It is better to avoid blushes that are too bright or dark for your skin colour. Says Bobbi Brown, a renowned US-based beauty consultant - "The right blusher for you should be the same colour your cheeks are naturally when you're really healthy." To flatter your skin tone, choose a blush colour that will give a natural healthy glow.

Color tips

. Fair skin - beige, tawny and pink tones.

. Olive/Yellow-toned skin - warm brown, almond and copper shades.

. Dark-skin - plum, auburn and deep bronze shades.

. Tanned skin - orange, apricot, peach and coral shades.


How often have you seen other women with just a bit too much of blush? The ideal way to use blush is to use it in a way that it looks natural. Unlike eye make up and lipstick, a blush is like foundation (base make up). It is not meant to show. The best way to ensure that your blush doesn't stick out like a shaded outline of your cheeks always apply blush before your eye make-up and lipstick. Otherwise, it will be competing with your eyes and lips and that is when you will apply too much. Also, ensure that you are standing in front of a well-lit mirror. Otherwise you will apply too much simply because you were not able to notice the colour yourself. If you are not sure still, apply no more than 3-4 brush strokes. It is unlikely that you will go wrong with that.


If you've applied too much blush don't worry - all you've got to do is take a dry clean make-up sponge, rub gently over your brush strokes to take the colour out. You can soften colour even further with translucent powder, and redo with a new, subtler blush shade.

Makeup Powders - one of the most important products to any makeup artist

Uses of makeup powders

1. It gives a super smooth sheen to your skin.

2. It sets the rest of your makeup so that it will last longer.

3. It can make all products stay in place whether they are cream based or shadows and pencils.

4. It absorbs oil and prevents shine.

Types of makeup powders

Loose Powder

Loose powder is almost always the choice of the

professional. It is especially good if used in the

morning to set your makeup, as it will keep you

makeup looking fresh all day.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powders are easy to carry around so they are good for touching up your makeup during the day. Most compact powders come with a sponge but you will get a better finish if you apply it using a powder brush.

Choosing makeup powder according to your skin type

If you have normal to oily skin then it is best to use a translucent loose powder, as it will absorb any excess oil. If your skin is dry then a pressed powder would be good for you, as it will add moisture.

Applying Makeup Powder

Before applying powder make sure that there are no lines or creases in your makeup; once you have put powder over them they will stay put. If your face is very moist blot it with a tissue first or your powder will clump.

Apply powder by sweeping a large powder brush downwards and outwards. If you brush upwards the small hairs on your face will stand up and make the rest of your makeup look fuzzy. If you have applied too much eyeshadow or blusher dust a light layer of powder over the top to soften the colour.


To prevent the kohl from dissolving in a pool of sweat or tears, apply a layer of foundation before applying the kohl. On top of this a brush of dark eye shadow and then a liquid kohl. This makes for an intense, dramatized look as well long lasting eye makeup.


You're all set to leave, but you feel you've got a lipstick overdose? Sure enough, too much lipstick can make you look, well, not like a movie star but rather like a joker. When this happens, don't attempt to rub it off with tissue or a kerchief or even cotton, as this can leave the lips very dry and not even receptive to another application of lipstick. Instead, blot gently with tissues till they come clean. If there's still a stain, apply moisturiser to your lips, leave it for a couple of minutes and blot again. Then apply a more neutral shade.


Many of us have nose problems. If it's either too big or long here are a couple of things you can do :

Use Your Hair

Keep your hair above shoulder length. This will de-emphasize the size of your nose. Make sure your hair has some volume and does not stick close to your head. Light colored hair works more effectively, as it tones down the facial features.


Create nose-shrinking shadows. Even if you don't use any other makeup, apply some blush in the middle of your forehead. If your nose shines out then use a concealer, slightly darker than your skin tone, on it. Some experts suggest that you use the concealer on skin just outside your nose. Try both and see which suits you best.


Blemishes like acne scars, pigmented (dark) patches, pits in the skin or dark under-eye patches can be concealed with make-up (use concealers that are available in stick, cake and cream options). Here is how:

. To hide acne pits, apply cream or cake-type concealer into the pits, using a fine brush. The concealer should be one shade lighter than the foundation.

. To hide dark patches, use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. After concealing, apply normal foundation all over the face and neck.

. To conceal dark under-eye circles, it is best to use a foundation and conceal it with a light-toned concealer. Dilute the concealer with a drop of water before applying. Heavy use of concealers can show up lines and wrinkles, so go easy.

If you can't get hold of a good concealer, use foundation instead. In other words, you will need two shades of foundation. One should be close to your skin tone and the other a shade or two lighter. Use the lighter-coloured one for concealing.

Perfect make-up is the outcome of trial and error. So keep experimenting till you get it right.

Mineral Makeup - Pure & Natural

Most makeups does not suit sensitive or raw skin especially after a laser procedure or a peel, and will irritate your face. But, mineral makeup will not. Mineral makeup is absolutely free from irritating talcs, fragrances, preservatives, alcohol, dyes or aluminum. The foundation is very much pared down so that its purity makes it good for sensitive, acne-prone skin or skin recovering from dermatological procedures. Mineral makeup is a great alternative for chemical makeup. Using pure natural mineral makeup every time will make a huge difference to your skin.

Care for your makeup as they dont last forever


Jeanna was on cloud nine. She was going to the navy ball with the man of her dreams! She carefully planned the gown for the evening and the accompanying accessories. Matching nail polish and lipstick and other cosmetics were laid down in a row. Perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong.or could it?

As she began to get dressed, to her horror, she discovered that the liquid foundation and nail polish had separated, the colour of the eye shadow had changed & hardened and the mascara had turned dry. And to top it all the lipstick had lost its shape and was now colourless!

Poor Jeanna! What she did not realize, is that cosmetics do not last forever. They have due dates, and once their time is up, you have to throw them away! Check out the time limit for using each product:

Foundation - 1 year after opening, 2 years if unopened.

Eye shadow - 1 year after opening, 2 years if unopened.

Mascara - 2 months after opening, 1 year if unopened.

Lipstick - 18 months after opening, 2 years if unopened.

Quick Tips

. Store your cosmetics in a cool dry place, out of moisture & the sun.

. Re-cap after use.

. Keep containers properly sealed.

. For the sake of hygiene, avoid sharing your makeup with anyone.


<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 align=left border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=10></TD></TR><TR><TD height=10><SPACER height="1" type="block" width="1"></TD><TD><SPACER height="1" type="block" width="1"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Whoever said that cosmetics should be stacked on the dressing table or in bathroom cabinets? Like other durable commodities, make-up accessories too have their own shelf life and must be protected and stocked carefully in hygienic containers/surrounding for future use.

. Storing make-up, especially lipstick is of importance because lipsticks are affected by heat and moisture. During hot weather put all lipsticks in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. At moderate temperatures, the lipstick can be stored in the dresser.

. A greasy lipstick indicates that the oils have started separating and it is about time that one stops using it.

. Clean make-up brushes at least twice a month by washing them with warm soapy water to which a few drops of antiseptic have been added. Rinse and wipe clean with a towel or tissue. Dry thoroughly before reusing them.

. Sharpen lip pencils regularly and always cap the heads.

. A drawer in the dresser can be compartmentalized to hold different items, so locating them becomes as easy task.

Eye shadow, eye liner, pencils, paints and powders highlight your eye and give you a more dramatic look

Eyeshadows are certainly eye catching. It is fun to experiment with eye shadows, eye liners, pencils, paints,and powders but most women just want to know what is right for them. Too much added color distracts from your eyes, even if it matches your eye color. Choosing your eye shadows to match your lifestyle is a smart idea. There are so many makeup tips and warnings as to how to use your eye shadows.

Be careful with your colors, although you may think blue eye shadow will bring out the blue in your eyes, many shades of blue will actually have the opposite effect. Using eye liner and eye pencils can highlight the sparkle in your eyes. Neutral eye shadows are the best and by neutral I mean soft colors found in skin, browns, vanillas, mauves, beiges or in the subtle undertones of the skin, golds, olives, pale purples, blues, and grays. Neutral eye shadows are easy to work with because they meld well with one another and naturally compliment your skin tone.

A few simple techniques using paints, powders, or an eye pencil can affect the look and shape of your eyes. To make your eyes look closer together apply a light or medium neutral shade of eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyelids. Use eyeliner to draw the line a bit thicker on the inner corner of the eye and stop the line where the outer corner of the eye stops. Applying eye shadows to make your eyes look farther apart is a bit tricker. Tip application begins with a matte shadow in a darker shade stroking it outward and upward on the outer corners of the top and bottom lids. Make it slightly thicker toward the outer edge and extend it in a slightly upward curve.

Eye shadows come in creams, powders, and pencils. Creams are the hardest to control, they can look beautiful but tend to slip into the creases on your lids. Powder is great because you can use it either wet or dry and often make the eyes look softer, more natural. Take care of your beautiful eyes, try out different shades of eye shadows and practice some of the techniques.


Ever wondered what makes Demi Moore look like a drop dead bombshell? Just shift your gaze neck upwards and the answer will bounce back. Yes, the petite lady has exquisitely carved eye brows that make her look great.

Most of us tend to ignore eyebrows and allow them to grow into unmanageable bushes. But did you know that eyebrows too need grooming? Here is how you can get the near-perfect pair:

• Try and maintain a natural curve as far as possible. Thin, arched types are out, they only give you that `perpetually surprised’ look!

• Castor oil works wonders for those with scanty brows worries. Massage in the oil before retiring for the day.

• To get the perfect curve hold a pencil against your nose and draw an imaginary line that reaches just above the inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil touches, is where your eyebrow should begin. Now hold the pencil diagonally from the base of the nose towards the outer corner of the eyes, going just past it. This is the point where it should end. The highest point of the brows should be just above the iris.

• Tidy the brows regularly by brushing them into shape. Pluck out stray hair between the brows and along the bottom of the brows. Never pluck hair from above them.

To redefine brows, use a sharp eyebrow pencil. Brush the brows into shape and then make short feathery strokes following the direction of hair growth. Avoid harsh black lines


Has your beautician messed up your eyebrows? Here's a way out.

. Brush the brows straight up with a dry toothbrush, with an eyebrow pencil.

. Draw short, feathery strokes on the hairs around the sparse areas.

. Use an eye-shadow, which matches your brows to make the desired shape.

. Press some powder lightly onto the area.

. Then brush them back to their natural shape.

Trisha, I agree...I think it's the old way of thinking about makeup.They use to say if your cool tone stay in the cool range of colors if your warm stay in the warm range of colors. Some makeup artist's still follow it but now it's more acceptable to step out of the box. I say wear whatever you want.

Originally Posted by Trisha Good article! A few points I don't agree with (why pigeonhole certain skin colours to certain MU shades???) But on the whole, a good read!!

Thanks Diane! x

Oh, I know silly..and Thank you!

Originally Posted by Trisha Yeah totally, wear what you like. I wasn't being mean about the article you posted tho, we appreciate your efforts Diane!
I think recommending certain colors for certain skin tones is good advice for someone just starting to wear makeup, but if you later learn that other colors look good on you, go for it! However I know that most of the colors recommended for pale skin and blue eyes look much better on me than colors recommended for other skin types, so sometimes that is good advice!

Originally Posted by girl_geek I think recommending certain colors for certain skin tones is good advice for someone just starting to wear makeup, but if you later learn that other colors look good on you, go for it! However I know that most of the colors recommended for pale skin and blue eyes look much better on me than colors recommended for other skin types, so sometimes that is good advice! True... you have to know what works for you!

I keep hearing about how to conceal red scarring, but how do you conceal white scarring? It's very hard. I have not yet perfected this yet. Seriously considering somekind of cosmetic laser surgery or deep peel. Help. Anyone had theese done before?

Originally Posted by NYAngel98 True... you have to know what works for you!
Originally Posted by FeistyFemme Thanks for sharing! It was an interesting read
Yes, indeed!
Originally Posted by Diane Make up for Dark Complexion
If you have a dark skin stick to warm, earthy colors. Gold, bronze and maroon are in fact best for dusky skins. Cooler colors like mauve, pink and silver look better on fairer skins.

Choose lipsticks with matte finish rather than frosted ones. The shades should not be too dark or too light. Medium dull shades would look best. Bright pinks or reds are an absolutely NO! If you have dark lips, before applying lipstick, put some foundation and powder on your lips.

Your blusher too should not be pinkish. Peachish blushers work best on dusky complexion. A gold eyeshadow would be complimentary where as a silver one may not look good.


I agree with everything except this part. I look better with pinks and silver.
Some really good information Diane.

Thank you for passing it on. This is one I would like to print out.

Lots of info in there! I do agree with Trisha that some of the guidelines are antiquated (Dark skins shouldn't wear red or pink lipstick??) but overall very useful!

Originally Posted by Undead_Misstres Great tips! Welcome to MakeUpTalk Undead_Misstres. If you need help with anything just shout

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