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May 10, 2007
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Well girls you know I live for bringing you odd-looking accessories. So here we have a pretty blue patent leather heel with a nice bow attached on the side. I must say that they are very different and in an odd way, i like em'!


This next pair is cute. The polka dots really sets off this little pair. Again, we have a bow that sits at the toe of the shoe. So, what do you think? Love em' or Leave em'?
they are so cute!!

i love them! especially the polkadot ones!

but the blue color on the top pair is very nice too

Originally Posted by princess_20 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I love the red pair they remind me Christmas
I have some blue ones like that but mine are flats. So I luv these!
They are too "cutesy" to me but then again they aren't the style that I would wear.

id like to make a comment but its pretty silly that i cant see pictures until i post like 10 times soooo im getting there


leave them... the heel really kills it for me... if it was either a stiletto or a flat i might consider them.