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I like it better long but it would be cuter short if she styled it a little better.

Originally Posted by Chaela /img/forum/go_quote.gif It oddly makes her nose look bigger..I don't like it I agree
i hate that anne cut her hair! i always thought it was so gorgeous! the best thing about it is that it will grow back!

She had very nice, healthy virgin hair. Why did she hack it off? It instantly aged her.

I don't hate it but it definately makes her nose bigger.. I think the length helped to balance out her face. I might like it better if it were parted better and combed or brushed. She looks like she only just got out of bed.

nope! nope! nope! What was she thinking and did a brush touch her hair that day????

Hate it! Elongates her face WAY too much somehow... Not lovin' that at all!


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