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Mar 20, 2008
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OMG!! Their blushes are so amazing!! I have them in Mellow Wine and Heather Silk and I love them! They are matte, very smooth and apply wonderfully with little effort. The color pay off is otherworldly! And don't get me started on their eyeshadows. Bomb!

Keep an eye for their LE blushes and bronzers. Last year they had a summer collection which I absolutely loved and wish I bought more of the eyeshadows because it gave three of the Urban Decay shadows a run for their money.

I have such a collection of unused makeup so I'm not buying right now, but when I do I'll get some WnW! What is the ONE item and color you'd recommend the most? 

I lean towards natural colors, but I already have so many natural eyeshadows to work through. How is it I have around 13 new light brown eyeshadows? lol

I don't know why I always forget about WnW, they're a really affordable, solid drugstore brand. One of my favorite items has to be the eyeshadow single in Brule. It makes a wonderful highlight!

This one of my favorite brands at the drugstore. Very good quality products and the price is excellant for those on a budget. Heck, some of my favorite products come from WnW despite having pricier items in my stash. 

I am addicted to wet n wild! I love them so much! <3

oh also their matte lipsticks, oh my!

great drugstore brand <3


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