Low end or high end for skin care?

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Nov 6, 2003
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Which do you prefer? Do you think there is a difference? Honestly all my skincare products are low end and I really have no desire to use high end skin care products b/c I have found all things that work for me well and they are all cheap, mostly generic brands like Equate.

You should use what works for you!
The only difference is how the active ingredients are formulated, but the "base" is still the same. I have both high & low skincare products and I enjoy using both.
In my opinion, a lot of high-end skincare products are based only on marketing and branding.
I have been a Clarins girl for years.I like how the company was started, plus I did work for them at one time. I like their skin care products. I, honestly, have not tried products one can buy in places like Target, Walmart, drugstores because I don't want to purchase something and have it be money wasted.
Most important is not price, but ingredients. I learned years ago, if the "active" ingredient is not in the first 5 or 6 listed in the details, it does not matter - there is not enough in the ingredients to actually do anything for you!

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