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Feb 27, 2005
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Lucky's secrets of summer dressing (Lucky mag July 2005)

1. Don't be afraid to swap your standard black trousers for a brilliant bright pair.

Tip: make sure the top is soft and nuetral

2. Crisp goes beyond cotton - lightweight leathers are shickingly wearable.

Tip: Choose a feminine silhouette

3. Let go of the idea that a suit has to be stiff.

Tip: You can wear pieces as casual as a tank andflats if they're rich-looking - and a lovely watch doesn't hurt.

4. The right lace dress can be just as sophisticated as it is sweet.

Tip: Pair it with bold accesories - stay away from anything too dainty or girly.

5. Redefine your notions of what makes a sexy dress.

Tip: Pick one that fits snugly somewhere, and keep the accesories lux.

6. You will simply feel more glamorous in all white.

Tip: Look for pared down pieces like crisp seperates.


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