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Feb 18, 2007
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I have a question about the shades of cashmere and how they compare with the other formulas at lumiere. I have a FF in light cool and that STILL is a bit too light for me, and I have a fairly light cool in luminesse which seems to be a really good match for me, and I like that one better as well. I have ran out of the luminesse and have been using my FF and I think its making me too pale. I want to order cashmere. But I don't know how the shades work. Are they light like FF or are they darker like luminesse? With luminesse I ordered the lightest shade and it fit me perfect yet with FF the second to lightest was too pale!

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey Mindy. I have a bunch of samples in different formulas from the pre-buy. I've noticed that the same shade varies so much depending on the formula. From all my samples, it seems like Flawless significantly lighter, VV and cashmere are in the middle, and pretty close to each other, and luminesse is significantly darker.