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Lumiere free international shipping!

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May 7, 2007
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From November 1st until January 1st Lumiere is offering free international shipping on all orders!!! Just enter the code FREESHIP during checkout.

And I really shouldn´t order anymore stuff fore a while... I´ll try to wait until I get my pre-but brushes with a LOT of samples and see what I "need" to order in full sizes!

That's a loooong period! I'm contemplating on what to order now.

How is their Baby Buki - Synthetic? In the description it's said to be good for applying under the eyes, around the nose crease and eyelids but has anyone used it for applying foundation all over face? Does it give a full coverage?

I was thinking about ordering the Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Large from Costal Scents, but with the free shipping I might order the Lumiere one if it's better.

Also, has anyone tried their primer (Perfecting Primer)?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for posting this!

Lumiere's Baby Buki is really small. It is like a short blush brush with kabuki shape. It is really good for applying around eyes and nose but not big enough for all over face.

I tried their perfecting primer, and I think it's really good. You can order a sample, which is perfect to try if the product is working for you.

Also their emu oil is just wonderful.

Thanks agatapas, mabye I'll give those a chance.

what skin type does the emu oil good for? I have a combination skin.

I have combination skin and I use emu oil at night, and sometimes when my skin is very sensitive after topical retinoids which I use for my acne, I use it under my make up.

I find Lumiere emu oil as the best which I used, even if the smell is not the best. The smell is only disadvantage of this oil. However it does wonders with your face.

yes, i have just placed an order with Lumiere and they didnt charge me and i am a long way away in the caribbean. wonder how long it will take to arrive.... cant wait!

Originally Posted by lapuce /img/forum/go_quote.gif Newbie here. What is their web site?Thanks in advance.

Search 'Lumiere cosmetics' and you'll find it

I still a little mad that Lumiere STILL hasn't shipped my package I ordered almost 2 weeks ago... >:[

Hi Ceeinthesun
I only ordered the Try me sample kit to have an idea on the product.There are some many brands out there.It's hard to pick.I guess I will have to try a few and see what works best for me

I love this site by the way.Such great info and nice ladies.

i agree- its so great to be able to talk and laugh and get advice....

i know what you mean... the choice is so confusing, but thanks to this forum , i have been able to narrow my search down and trust that the sites recommended here are the best-


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