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Jun 3, 2006
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A LUSH opened about 2 months ago at Macy’s in a mall that is 10 minutes down the road from me, and I have been going nutso. I listed what I got by category b/c I know for those not familiar with LUSH, it can be hard to know what the product is used for by its name. Here is my haulage during the last month:

Shower gels:

Snow fairy

Happy hippy (won 3.3 oz size in a raffle – was part of a wrapped gift pkg called “stocking fella†that was a GWP)


Snowcake soap (full-sized – given as a GWP)

Bohemian (full-sized - part of a wrapped gift pkg called “stocking fella†that was a GWP)

Mud flats (*sample size)

Snowcake (*sample size)

Karma (sample size)

Solid fragrance:





Squeaky green x 2 – their new sulfate-free solid shampoo bar

Ultimate shine solid shampoo bar (*sample size)



Veganese x 2

Hair treatment:


Styling gels:

Goth juice

King of mods

The big tease

Facial care:

Eau roma water

Hand and body creams:

Handy guruga

Charity pot (sample size)


The greeench


Ambrosia (sample size - part of a wrapped gift pkg called “stocking fella†that was a GWP)

Foot care:

I won this in a raffle drawing:

Volcano foot mask (*full-sized)

Pied de pepper foot lotion (*sample size)

*Did not pay additional $$ for this item.

wow that is an awesome haul! my favourite things from lush are almost all soaps! I love karma, honey I washed the kids and demon in the dark best in the soaps, and the chocolate lipbalm best in the lipbalms.

Everything you got sounds so good, i havent tried a lot of those but I bet they're good, lush is always great

Nice haul, Selene!

Thanks ladies!

pinksugar: have you ever tried any of their haircare? I love their new sulfate-free shampoo bar.

Also, I've never received so many unsolicited compliments from the SO about how "good" I smell (the hair gels really leave a lasting scent in the hair).


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