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Mar 5, 2005
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Did anyone get the new shadows? I didnt see any threads on this. I didnt get anything and for once, I'm not tempted to get anything. I wanna know what you all think so that if I do happen to get tempted, I can get them before they are pulled. They're LE, right?

i'm not getting any of them. i hate lustres. so this is good for my bank account *whew!*

I got to play with them today and I like the texture a lot! The new ones have a lot more pigment than the old lustres like Honey Lust & Mythology. What I like most is that they are sheer and allow you to do simple washes of color. My faves are Lustreleaf (soft pastel green), Chill Blue (icy blue) and Nighttrain (a dark sparkly grey). They are LE and I know I'm finally gonna snag Goldbit, because I neglected her in the past!

These are Limited Edition. This formula is greatly improved. Thats why you hear alot of people really happy with Goldbit when it was released again after the Tantress collection. I got every one except the the green ones (I don't like greens personaly). Don't pass these up cause they are Lustre. Go to your local counter and try them out.

Hi guys-

I posted my opinion on these, i got them when they were a TANGS Singapore only release via CP. I must say, the colors are super sheer... SUPER SHEER. The texture is nice.. however, IMHO:

If you got Pink Venus or Sweet Lust you dont need Romantique

If you got sprout or any of the light greens you dont need LustreLeaf

If you got Surreal or any of the light blues, you dont need ChillBlue.

I honestly did NOT see anything "new" or special about these colors. They are too close to ones i already have.



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