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Aug 31, 2007
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I just went to mac to get some e/s and asked the SA about blending brushes b/c I was trying to create a crease w/my mac 217 and it gave me a harsh line..(I think it's b/c I don't know how to apply it correctly) but then she said that I have a lot of room to work with and so she told me 217 is the wrong brush for my eyes and recommended me mac 222 for crease and 224 for blending everything together. *I'm trying to get the smoky eyes look, my eyes are almond shape and are not deep* The two brushes look the same and I am wondering if it is really necessary to get both brushes? I don't mind spending the money b/c I need a brush set. So far I have the 217, 219, 208, and the big powder brush from mac. ***Also, do you guys recommend getting a blush brush too? I've been using the powder brush for the blush too, but the SA said that it's too big and I need a brush that is not bigger than my apples. How about the contour brush, do I need this or can I just use a blush brush if I get one? Sorry for writing so much, but I'm really confused and would like to get some suggestions. Thanks in advance!

I prefer brushes like the 168 or 169 for blushes. Some girls even use the 187 for blush application.

As for the e/s brushes, I'd go with the 224 over the 222, but then again, if you want to save any money and still have a quality brush, I recommened Sonia Kashuk's Pointed Blending Brush. It's available at Target and costs like $8 (assuming you live in the USA).

I agree with Aquilah as far as the Sonia Kashuk brushes. Wayyy cheaper and really good quality. I have a couple and would buy more rather than waste money on $30 MAC brushes

I totally agree, Sonia Kashuk at Target and Essence of Beauty at CVS both make incredible brushes for a fraction of the cost of MAC. They work just as well, too. I have never had problems with either.

I agree the Sonia K. brushes are good from Target, I brought them for my sister-n-law who is just starting to get into MU...

I caved and bought a MAC brush a couple of years ago.

It started shedding after just a couple of uses. Never again!

Maybe I just got a bad one, I don't know...

If you do decide to go MAC I would get the 224 only and one that is a MUST IMO is the 187 skunk brush - I use this for blush as it won't pick up too much color and allows for natural application and blending.