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Feb 22, 2006
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Sculpt and Shape
26th December [uS/Canada]
December [international]
Sculpt and Shape Powders Duos
These are blush sized duos that are half sculpting powder and half shaping powder.
  • Emphasize Shaping Powder (Pro) & Bone Beige Sculpting Powder (Pro)
    Bone Beige = Cream with fine Pearl / Bone Beige = Soft warm brown matte
  • Accentuate Shaping Powder (Pro) & Sculpt Sculpting Powder (Pro)
    Accentuate = Peachy beige with fine pearl / Sculpt = Soft taupe matte
  • Lightsweep Shaping Powder (Pro) & Shadester Sculpting Powder (Pro)
    Lightsweep = Warm beige with fine pearl / Shadester = Midtone leathery brown
  • Warm Light Shaping Powder (Pro) & Difinitive Sculpting Powder (Pro)
    Warm Light = Clean peach / Definitive = Midtone reddish brown
You can view colour samples of Sculpting Powder and Shaping Powder on MAC Pro

  • #138 Brush - Tapered face brush (New - LE at counters, but perm at stores)
  • #169 Brush - Synthetic angled blush/face brush - Repromote from Icon IV: Raquel Welch
  • #223 Bursh - Synthetic tapered blending brush - Repromote from Icon IV: Raquel Welch
I saw this online and it's a pass thank goodness. I can't afford any more MU right now!

These come as duos?? That's neat! I got them when they came out for Pro, full size pans though, I think I would have liked the duos better. I'm looking forward to the Fafi collection more so no duos for me!

I'm totally going to check those out! I'm tired of using my matte bronzer to contour.


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