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Apr 7, 2010
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[SIZE=larger]5/17/12:  Updated & Reorganized by type/category!  A few more MAC items, Burberry Heather Rose Lip Cover, Tom Ford Lipsticks; Finally reorganized items into categories (Lip, Eye, Face, Body, Accessories)

3/7/12:  Freebies with purchase--choose 1 (or more, you can ask how many).  YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW WHICH ONE(S) YOU WANT!
**Pigment samples--excludes Soft Washed!
**sample of Nice Vice Paint Pot as freebie (will be around 1/10 of jar)
**MAC Zoom Lash minis (have 2, GWP-size; think it's supposed to be a 7-day supply)

**Perfume samples:  too many to list (really, it would take up almost as much space as the sale), but if you're looking for something (or a specific note) just let me know!

[SIZE=larger]I have Feedback (over 500 tokens, 100% positive) on MUA and Specktra (over 60, 100% positive) under username kayley123.

Profile:  [/SIZE][SIZE=larger][/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger]Tokens:  [/SIZE][SIZE=larger][/SIZE][SIZE=larger]sp/u=kayley123[/SIZE]

Profile:  [/SIZE][SIZE=larger][/SIZE]

**If you would like additional pictures of an item, please ask. MULTIPLE pictures of most items are available here.  Also, if the pic is too small, I probably have ones with better resolution/bigger ones in my photobucket, or if not, just ask me and I'll get you one:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger][/SIZE][SIZE=larger]ayley_photo_bucket/Specktra%20Items/ [/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger]**If for some reason you cannot see the pictures there, I will be happy to email them to you.
**I will hold items for 24 hours after invoicing!
**Haggling allowed!  I may not accept, but then again, I might!  If you feel a price is too high, feel free to let me know (but please be polite!)
**I am in the USA!
**SHIPPING IS MOSTLY INCLUDED IN THE PRICES BELOW!  (Usual shipping cost will be $3, add $0.50 for each additional item.  Will be more for larger items.  For INTERNATIONAL Shipping, please add AT LEAST $2; may be discussed--ask for an exact quote.  The United States Postal Service has recently raised prices for international shipping.)
**IMPORTANT, regarding INTERNATIONAL SALES: a postal receipt and customs number will be my proof of shipment, in buying from me you are agreeing that I hold no liability if the package is lost. I use FIRST-CLASS international shipping, which does NOT have tracking; if you want tracking, you will have to pay extra, and it is pretty expensive.
**For PayPal payments:  I use [SIZE=larger][/SIZE][SIZE=larger]/[/SIZE][SIZE=larger][/SIZE][SIZE=larger]) to calculate the fees
**If you would like to see the new Paypal fee policy, here is a link: [/SIZE][SIZE=larger][/SIZE][SIZE=larger]md=_display-fees-outside[/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger]**If you want to use another method of payment, please talk to me about it!

**Will swap for things from my MUA wishlist:  Especially Fragrances![/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]A little haggling ok, but please no lowballing.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger]Sale Items:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=larger]Still going through my stash, Sorry I haven't had time for the pictures yet!  Feel free to give me a push to get it done![/SIZE]


[SIZE=larger]MAC Pearlizers - Good as Gold, Hundred Degrees, Pearlette -- pics and details coming (all are at least 60% or more --around $10 shipped (each) negotiable with condition
NO PICS YET, coming[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]MAC SIB LE Flip e/s, Used 1-2x, no dips, but (in the interests of getting as close as I can get to complete accuracy), a small piece?  flake? came off when I used it (see upper left of pic); LE; still 97%, suggested to me as a pressed e/s version of Blonde's Gold pigment, it's a pretty good dupe IMO[/SIZE][SIZE=larger] -- $16.50 shipped[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]SIB MAC Street Cool Shadestick; swatched 2-3x on hand--$18[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Pigment samples (more):[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]MAC Pigment samples:  1/4 tsp unless noted.  PREFER TO SELL MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME!  Will include 1 as a freebie with other purchase (except Soft Washed & Starless Night)!  Golden Olive can be split into 2 freebies.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]-Starless Night, 1/4 tsp or more in MAC jar (NOT for freebie!) -- $4
-Violet 1/4 tsp or more

L to R: 
-Soft Washed (Rare, LE Asia Exclusive)--$7 each[/SIZE]  (1, MAYBE 2 left)
-Golden Olive (about 1/2 tsp),. can be split into 2 freebies--$7
-Circa Plum -- $3

[SIZE=larger]More pigment samples, L to R (put a regular jar at the left for comparison purposes, since the 2nd and 3rd jars are DIFFERENT!)
-Soft Washed (same as above)
-MUFE Star Powder 954 (VERY finely milled, jar has rounded bottom instead of flat, see pics!  Not sure how much; I think it's about 1/4 tsp.)
-Sweet Sienna (jar is different from the others,, asyou can see from pics)--$3[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Freebies--feel free to ask for 1 or 2!

-Pigment samples (see above, also available separately)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]-SAMPLES OF:  MAC Nice Vice Paint Pot; rare htf color, about 1/2 left, in ORIGINAL JAR.  STILL CREAMY, not at all dried out!  I split it awhile ago, can make samples as freebies.[/SIZE]


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