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Dec 14, 2003
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I found this and thought it would be helpful. FROST (ex: Pink freeze) An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour. LUSTRE (ex: Swimming, sparkly) Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine "conditioned" finish. MATTE (ex: Samoa Silk, no sparkle or glitter) Hi-colour pay-off in a no-shine matte finish. SATIN (ex: Digit) Pure colour in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft subtle non-frost, light-refractive sheen. VELUXE (ex: Jewel Blue) Superfine pigment rich and very luxe. Supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish. VELVET (ex: velvet moss) Soft look finish with high-colour intensity. Has a plush velvety look and feel.

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