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May 6, 2004
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Which MAC lipsticks are the most moisturising?

Amplified, Amplified Creme, Frost, Glaze, Lustre, Matte, Satin, or Sheer?

As some of you may know, i bough Lovedust recently (which is a Matte) & i hated it. It was the most unmoisturising lipstick EVER! So i'd like to find a similiar shade but in a different finish. I just don't know which finishes are the nicest

ahh, i cant keep them all straight. i can tell you that the matte are most drying, if course. youll have that with all matte textured lipsticks.

the creme and lustre arent moisturizing, but they arent drying, either.

i wouldnt call the sheer ones moisturizing either, but theyre the best of all of them.

I'e tried the Frosts and Lustres, and the Lustres are the winner for me. I wouldn't say they're moisturizing, but they are comfortable on the lips and don't dry my lips out.