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Oct 25, 2006
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Does anyone have a picture of them wearing MAC lipstick in a nude-ish colour, I'm especially interested in 'Eden Rocks', 'Angel' and 'Chic'?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place!

Tan nude-ish or coffee nude-ish? I like their "Fresh Brew" lipcolor, but I'm a coffee-with-cream nude-ish. So if you're lighter, the color would look darker on you.

i think brew is better than fresh brew. brew was just re-released with smoke signals.

I'm not entirely sure ... I guess I have medium skin? In everyday minerals foundation, I use Medium Beige and Medium Beige summer, but my hair is naturally really really light. Almost white. So I was thinking maybe either a pink-ish color, or a beige ... Idk, what do you think? I'm new to the world of lipstick

Most of the light pinks and nudes were limited edition releases. Would you still like me to try and get picks of them? I am and NC20 with brown hair.

Liz: Okay, thanks! Haha. I'm only going by the color squares on strawberrynet, so it's kinda hard to tell

krazykid90: I'd really appreciate it if you did! Because if I can't get the exact color, I can at least try to get something similar

I like Myth too- sometimes I'll mix it with a very light pink and layer it with gloss for a pretty nude lip

I have 'angel' but I don't think this is a nude-ish color, I think 'angel' is more "barbie pink"~

Angel is a barbie[ish] pink and I'm wearing it mixed with a gloss in one of my fotds! Do a search in that forum! That's what I do! =]

I agree Myth and High Tea are good nude lippies, but it really all comes down to your skin tone. Personally Brew is my absolute favorite nude lipstick from MAC and it was just re-released with the Smoke Signals collection. I went and bought it right away