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I have!
actually, I haven't ever used Mascara X or N -- which I should probably do in the future sometime at work. But I've used all the others, both on myself and on customers. How do you want your lashes to look? You have a lot of options.

i think the one i heard that was great was the pro long one. i heard it makes your lashes look fake. do you guys think this with this one, or any others?
do you like pro long the best, cause that's the one i heard good things about. i alway have used loreal voluminous but want to try something new. i also heard that loreal lash architect is a good one?

Originally Posted by Liz the ones i like are fibre rich lash and pro long lash
i haven't used it in awhile and the one i have is too old to use now. but it's not as wet and clumpy as zoom lash (which i returned)

i do like fibre rich a lot. you just have to remove the excess stuff like other mascaras so it's not clumpy.

i have zoom lash and fibre rich and i looooove them both. i always use them together. first the zoom lash for denser lashes and then fibre rich to lengthen them.

but next time i go to mac i will buy the x too!

Liz I want to try Fibre Rich but I've heard that it is clumpy!! Does have an intense black color because the last mascara I've bought, Estee Lauder's XL in Black, it was more brown than black!! I hate that in a mascara!!
I love firbre rich for really lusious dramatic lashes,but it does not last very long id say a month then it gets clumpy.but its cheap so i guess it evens out

I used to always use the pro lash and really liked that, but a few weeks ago I tried the X and now I'm hooked on that, it's really good imo


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