MAC Matte2 is up on MAC's website!!! forums

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Ahhh... I've been going lash crazy lately. I need to get a pair... or a few. Thanks Ash!

Ah thanks!

I'm going shopping this sat and MAC is most deff on my to-buy list

Newly Minted was a color I've been searching for and haven't found but... woop!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Matte2 is up on MAC website!!

Along with the new lashes, eyeliner, and mascara!! Enjoy ladies!!!

thanks for letting us know... lol! i think we have 3 threads on this. mods will probably merge them.

Edit: Oops, I see one was for MAC Pro... sorry.

i saw that like an hour ago on the site.

the mascara looks awsome!

im not gonna rush and get everything as its not LE but i will go and check it out.