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Jan 16, 2007
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Don't know if that spelled right? Anyway, I was thinking of buying something from mac. My first! I want to try the msf. Is it like a highlighter? I'm so new to mac. I heard of the Shimagne color. It looks soo pretty!!! i looked on the mac website, but i couldn't find it. Was it a limited edition color or something? Any answers wiil be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Yes, it was limited edition, but it is quite pretty! It works as a highlighter on most people. You can try eBay or our For Sale forum to see if anyone has one available! Good luck!

All of the MSFs are limited edition and unfortunately none of them are out right now.

If you really want an MSF look, check out some of the mineral makeup companies. I know that Silk Naturals has created dupes of some the MSFs.

I really like Shimpagne as a highlighter. I would say wait for it to pop up for sale on beauty communities, because ebay overcharges! Well, I'm not sure how much they usually go for in auctions, but the buy-it-nows are around 45--60 + shipping.

Uh, i really wanted one. Can anyone recommend anything else? Has anyone tried the new msf from the queen collection? it's on the mac website.

New Vegas is a different shade from Shimpagne. Some people love New Vegas, but hate Shimpagne, and vice verse. Some like both.

But in any case, New Vegas is sold out on the MAC website.

Maybe you can check your local MAC stores to see if they have any New Vegas MSFs left.


You can also check out the beauty powders in the Of Beauty Collection. Here's a thread on MSFs vs Beauty Powders:

But it seems like beauty powders don't get as much love as the MSFs.

You can also try posting in the In Search Of Forums.
And I noticed that one MSF, Northern Lights, is for sale in the For Sale Section!

Originally Posted by makeupjunkie00 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Uh, i really wanted one. Can anyone recommend anything else? Has anyone tried the new msf from the queen collection? it's on the mac website. That would be New Vegas, and it is sold out everywhere. You won't be able to find it other than beauty sales and ebay.
If you are desperate for a MSF try MAC's Beauty Powders, they essentially do the the same thing. In fact the beauty powders are supposed to look more natural than the MSFs.

I bought a loose beauty powder and I really like it. Its not as pigmented as my MSF but it is more natural and just as shimmery and pretty on the face. I love my Northern Lights MSF more than anythin in the world, if its for sale here I totally recommend getting it. I wish I bought two, if you dont buy it maybe I will lol.

You could also just wait until MAC releases a new collection that has MSFs, I'm sure they will, MSFs are so popular, they really shouldn't be LE


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