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15th November [North America]

December [international]

These are the "mini" sets. $29.50 USD

Pigments x 5- Warm

* Dazzleray Pigment - Sunny golden peach (frost). (LE) Repromote She Shines

* Lily White Pigment (frost) (LE)

* Copper Sparkle Pigment - Super high frost copper flecks (frost).

* Sunpepper Pigment - Deep rosy taupe w silver pearlized pigments. (LE) Repromote She Shines

* Reflects Antique Gold Glitter (Pro) - Sparkling taupe.

Pigments x 5- Cool

* Helium Pigment - Light pink with red duochrome (frost). (LE) Repromote Balloonacy

* Forest Green Pigment - Repromote of DC'd Pro pigment.

* Softwash Grey Pigment - Grey with purple pearl (frost). (LE) Repromote Sundressing

* Naval Blue Pigment (Pro) - Subdued, frosted navy blue (Pearl).

* Reflects Blue Glitter (Pro) - Very fine particle silvery white glitter that flashes violet blue.

Softsparkle Eye Pencils x 5

* Goldenair - White gold with gold pearlized pigments. (LE) Repromote Balloonacy

* Iris Accents - Pale violet with silver pearlized pigments. (LE) Repromote Sweetie Cake and Balloonacy

* Reflecto - Mid-Tone blue with silver pearl. (LE) Repromote Sweetie Cake

* Peacocked - Rich turquoise green with silver pearl. (LE) Repromote Sweetie Cake

* Nightsky - True black with silver pearl. (LE) Repromote Sweetie Cake and Balloonacy

Lipglass & Lustreglass x 5 - Warm

* Expensive Lipglass (LE)

* Bada Boom Lipglass (LE)

* Pink Grapefruit Lipglass - Deep firey orange with golden shimmer. (LE) Repromote C-Squeeze

* Beaux Lustreglass - Handsome as all lustre warm beige brown.

* Ornamental Lustreglass - Brilliantly bronzed copper red.

Lipglass & Lustreglass x 5 - Cool

* Be Seen Lipglass - Sheer off-white. (LE) Repromote Be Seen

* Spirited Lipglass - Pink-champagned taupe (Frost).

* Nymphette Lipglass - Sunned golden pink (Frost).

* Star Nova Lustreglass - Demi-tone mauve with pearl.

* Flashmode Lustreglass - Fuchsia flashed-up with white sparkle pearl.

Plushglass x 5

* Wet, Wild, Wonderful - Bronze with gold pearl.

* Pretty Plush - Extra-soft pink with white pearl.

* Bountiful - Richly pearlized mid-tone pink.

* Plus Luxe - Full-fluorescent pink with pink pearl.

* Hot Stuff - Sheery berry with periwinkle sparks. (LE)

Thank goodness im babysitting again and ill have b-day money. I want the cool lipglasses and both the pigment sets!~

Did you guys see the Sheer Mystery Powder compact (part of Stylistics) in the November issue of W Magazine?? It's sooo pretty!!





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