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May 6, 2004
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Are any of these regular items or are they all LE? I didnt really have any interest in them but since seeing them in FOTD's etc i wanna try one out. My friend bought Shimpagne a few weeks back & it smashed on her but when she went back to the MAC counter in Cork the MA said they were all out & they wouldnt be getting them back in. Same story at the the MAC counter in Dublin. Now are Ireland just behind the times or are all the skinfinishes LE? I wanna get 2 ASAP (1 for my friend & 1 for me!)

yes, they are LE...but they keep coming back I guess. Porcelaine Pink and Shimpagne were also part of past collections and now they added a few new shades. also I think that So Ceylon already came back once or twice???

I guess since they are such a mega seller MAC realized they have to keep em coming back otherwhise people would go crazy

LAURA, seriously, get Shimpagne if you can, you won´t regret it!!!

Ok so its not just Ireland.. Might have to head to eBay so to find one although i dont intend on paying anything outrageous! Thanks girlie

Yea, they are LE, namely because they're very costly to make! Each one is hand sculpted in Italy, so each one is unique. Ahh, I love them!

That sucks these are LE!
I love Stereo Rose and Shimpagne, and I wouldn't have minded having a few more...

Originally Posted by Sarah84 I want them back, there was still one more I wanted to get
Me too! I got Stereo Rose, New Vegas and Shimpagne. I need to get Porcelain Pink, Metal Rock and Gold Deposit.

I am obsessed!

I really really wanted the Porcelain Pink
I think you can still get that one in the US as it's still on the website last time I checked.

I got the Gold deposit, new vegas, shimpagne and stereo rose :icon_love


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