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Jul 12, 2007
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so, im wondering if the Laura Mercier Secret Finish is kind of the same product as mac's strobe cream?

if any of you have tried both, wich would you recommend??

they both say to give that glow. i was going to buy mac's strobe cream tomorrow, but now i saw this product from LM, and now im not so sure... wich would YOU recommend???

thanks! - Monica

I've never used the LM product, but the strobe cream gave me a bad breakout the first and only time I used it.

I love Revlon Skinlights, but it's discontinued. They also have Bare it All lotion, which of course is LE. I would recommend the MAC Strobe Cream though for high-end.

I'm not familiar with the Laura Mercier product, but I love my Strobe Cream! It's addictive! lol!

oh, lots of different oppinions. thanks gals.

i have normal skin, not prone to breakouts. so i guess ill be ok with the strobe cream.. i think ill go for the strobe cream! and get a sample of the LM one, just to compare with. getting paid on friday
going shopping!

Strobe Cream = love!!

(a little goes a long way) but even if you use too much, just keep blending and massaging into your skin.