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Mar 18, 2006
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I have blue eyes/turqouis at times. I got a hold of tease n teal and it is such a pretty color. But I am afraid to wear it because I have always heard blue eyes stay away from blues.
Wear whatever you feel like wearing when you want. No one can tell you that you *can't* wear that color. You bought it, it's yours. Enjoy your e/s!

I've got blue eyes, and I wear blue e/s all the time! I'm not one to go with those "who should wear what." I say if you want to wear it, and you can rock it, then go for it!

I have blue eyes, and when I wear navy blue clothes, my eyes just glow blue like crazy! lol. I definitely think you can wear clothes/makeup that is similar to your eye color.

If you like how it looks on you, rock it!!!

i agree with the commenters... though i think you should prob start and try with darker hues of blue.. good luck!