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Jul 18, 2007
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I'm about to buy the MAC train case, but it's £200 here and am wondering - is it worth it? I'm always very careful with my stuff but, if I were to drop it by accident or something, would it crack, break, scuff, etc? Also is it safe to carry round without worrying about it opening up?

Thanks in advance everyone

I'm not sure I would spend that on a train case. I also haven't seen it for myself so it could be worth the money.

Personally, I perfer my Caboodle's train case. I paid twenty dollars for mine and have had it for three years and it's seen me through a ton of plays, fashion shows, several dorm rooms, and five moves...other than a small dent in the bottom corner it still looks like new. Plus, they come in a lot of different styles: chrome silver, matte black, pink, leopard, clear, rockstar scribble...there are a lot of different options and sizes.

I don't know about the quality of MAC's traincases. I'm sure they are good... they are too expensive though. I have MAC everything, but for me... spending that much on a traincase is not worth it. I would need 5+ traincases to hold all of my makeup.

Could someone link me to the traincases from Caboodle that you're talking about? The only things from Caboodle that I can picture are entirely too small for all my crap, lol.


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