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Jul 27, 2006
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Hey My lovely ladies! Well I havent done a tut in quite some time and havent purchased any new jazzy colors, but i did however manage to throw this together... hope ya like .. and oh yea its picture heavy!


of course apply all your bases! then i add MAC Twillery to inner corner and lower lash line corner!


then next to Twillery , I added MAC Satin Taupe!


Next add MAC Twinks to outer corner and crease!


Then I added above my crease FLIRT! Electric Denim!


w/ it all blended together.... no its as soft as it really looks.. darn FLASH!


now in the same order i put on my lid, i put on my lower lashline... just i love blue so i used more blue then the other colors.!


then the HG of liners.... MAC Blactrack on upper lashline... and MAC Smolder on waterline!




starting to look nice! LMAO



ok now for the face, in the summer here in GA .. elise dont be wearing no foundation or powder or anything... except for moisturizers.... like it or not.. that how i do !
anyways.......Take Alima Dahlia blush and apply under cheekbone, then take MAC Other Worldly blush apply above cheekbone, then take Jane Wisteria highlighter and apply by the sides of nostrils, inbetween the 2 blushes and wherever else you'd like.. me i put a lil on my nose, above eyebrows!



wow looking at these pix.... i cant believe how skinny my face has gotten... YAY!
oo yea.. duh i knew i took these for a reason... apply Maybelline Define-a-lash


FINISHED! oo yea .. on the lips is MAC Spite l/g w/ a dab on silver fog on top! mixed together of course! LMAO

i hope yall enjoy or atleast like! see ya later chicks!

Looks gorgeous you remind me of that really pretty girl that played in the movie "Step Up" You have the smile that reminds me of her
Love that movie by the way

wow, you have great skin! I wish I could go without foundation/powder (would never happen becasue my skin is so gross)

thanks for the tut! you look amazing as always!

So pretty! I'll definitely be duplicating this look... I think I'll use MAC Nighttrain instead of the Flirt! e/s though... Hmmmm.... Looks gorgeous, and with that GA tan, you don't even need foundation! Damned I miss GA! LOL!

thanx.... yea i was tanning for while before we moved, so that got put on the back burner for now.. however in the winter is when ima tan!

Oh very nice! I have a few similar colors to the ones you used so I think I might bookmark this tut for when I have the energy to do a FOTD

YAY! im so very glad all of you liked it.... if ya'll would like something in particular and you would like me too take a try at it... post and pm or whatever... i love doing requests... for me its easier ! lmao... anyways thanx yalll!

Love the MAC e/s colors you chose. I hope this color scheme will look good with brown eyes . . .

I love this tut its absolutely gorgeous thank you!! I love your eye color lol oh I was wondering too what brush do you use to apply your fluidline? The line is so perfect...

Originally Posted by Killah Kitty /img/forum/go_quote.gif I love this tut its absolutely gorgeous thank you!! I love your eye color lol oh I was wondering too what brush do you use to apply your fluidline? The line is so perfect... i use the mac 209 .... best liner brush ever!

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